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09255 Mobile NetworkGlobe Telecom
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The mobile network of 09255 or 639255 is Globe Telecoms.

About 09255 Mobile Network:

  • Prefix Belongs to: Globe Telecoms 
  • Affiliated Networks: Globe and TM
  • Network Convenience: Globe and TM, both under Globe Telecom, offer various call, text, and data promos to their customers.

Mobile Prefixes in the Philippines:

  • Definition: First four digits of an 11-digit mobile number (e.g., 09255 in 092551234567).
  • Significance: Unique codes identifying the network provider affiliation.
09255 mobile network

Why Know the Mobile Prefix?

Understanding the mobile prefix in the Philippines offers valuable advantages:

  1. Network-Specific Promotions: Access exclusive offers within the network.
  2. Cost-Efficient Communication: Save on calls and texts within the same network.
  3. Preventing Mistakes: Avoid calling the wrong number, saving time and mobile balance.

In essence, knowing the mobile prefix enhances communication, making it efficient, cost-effective, and tailored to specific network services.

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