SSS Death Claim Benefits and Requirements List 2024

When a member of the SSS passes away, their beneficiaries have the opportunity to claim two distinct benefits: the funeral benefit and the death benefit. The SSS funeral benefit is provided as a one-time lump sum payment. In contrast, the SSS death benefit can be received either as a monthly pension or as another lump … Read more

How to Unlock or Recover Locked SSS Account Online in 2023?

Discovering that your SSS (Social Security System) account is locked can be a frustrating experience, preventing you from accessing vital benefits and services. However, fear not, as unlocking your SSS account is a manageable process that can be resolved swiftly. By following the appropriate steps and procedures, you can regain control of your account and … Read more

How to Check SSS Loan Balance Online / by SMS in 2023?

Say goodbye to the hassle of long queues and complex processes when checking your outstanding SSS loan balance. With the power of digital convenience at your fingertips, you can now effortlessly access your loan information online or through a simple SMS. Take control of your financial journey with a few taps on your device and … Read more