How to Convert Sodexo to GCash?

Sodexo, a renowned rewards brand, is a popular choice among hardworking corporate employees for its diverse range of offerings. However, if you find yourself accumulating more Sodexo passes or gift cards than you can use, you might be wondering how to convert them into cash.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the steps to convert Sodexo to GCash, offering you greater flexibility in managing your rewards.

Can Sodexo be Converted to GCash?

Yes, you can convert your Sodexo credits to GCash, but the process is not a direct transfer between e-wallets. One method involves utilizing the Lazada app to obtain universal eGift cards and using voucher codes from Sodexo. Let’s delve into the steps for a smooth conversion.

Steps to Convert Sodexo to GCash

Step 1: Redeem Lazada Voucher on Sodexo+ App

  • Open Sodexo+ app on your phone.
  • Click the Shop icon.
  • Choose Lazada and the desired voucher amount.
  • Click Pay with the purchase amount.
  • Copy the generated Lazada voucher code.

Step 2: Obtain eGift Cards on Lazada

  • Open Lazada app on your smartphone.
  • Visit Giftaway, Inc. in the shop.
  • Select an eGift with an amount lower than your voucher.
  • Add to cart, maximizing your voucher allocation.
  • Enter email and paste Sodexo voucher code.
  • Tap Place Order and wait for Giftaway’s email.
  • Click Open Gift, then copy the code from the browser window.

Step 3: Redeem eGift to GCash

  • Visit on your browser.
  • Enter details: eGift code, email, and GCash mobile number.
  • Click Redeem.
  • Wait for the confirmation screen.
  • Click Redeem another eGift if needed.
  • Your redeemed amount will reflect in GCash within minutes.

Is There a Direct Way to Convert Sodexo to GCash?

No, there isn’t a direct method to convert Sodexo credits to GCash. However, the steps outlined above using the Lazada app provide a reliable alternative. Another option is to swap your Sodexo credits or vouchers directly with a friend who is interested in them.

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