How To Add Money In Binance Using GCash?

In this topic, we are discussing the ultimate guide to add money in Binance using GCash. So, follow the guide and make transactions and trading secure. Moreover, you can also do this via the Binance app.

Steps to add money in Binance using GCash:

Here are the 8 steps that help you on how to add money in Binance using GCash. Just follow them are you are good to go:

Enough balance in GCash:

As you use money from GCash, ensure you have an available balance in your GCash e-wallet. For example, you want to add P500 to Binance, so your balance must be equal to or greater than the payable amount.

Open Binance P2P trading app:

Now open the Binance app. On the dashboard, you will find the P2P trading option. Click on it, and you will move to the trading page.

how to add money in binance using gcash

Filter ads for acceptance GCash payment 

Once you are on the Binance trading platform, add will pop up on the screen with a buy option. Tap on the funnel icon on the top right side, and you will see ALL is selected in payment methods. Just click on GCash to filter ads. So, the ads that do not support GCash will remove from the screen. Once you filter the ads, then click “yes”.


Buy from Ads:

The list of ads that support GCash will be displayed on the screen. Now tap the Buy button on the first, as it is budget-friendly; after that are asked the amount you want to cash in. Enter the amount according to preference. Also, once again, check if GCash is selected in payment mode. As you are sure, then Tap on Buy USDT. Now move on next step by tapping Transfer the fund icon.

Buy from ads
enter amount
Click on Transfer the fund

Send amount from GCash:

Once you tap on ” transfer the funds”, the details from where you are adding/transferring the amount will display on the screen; in this case, it is the GCash number. Make sure to copy the number as it changes with each transaction. After copying the number, continue and open the GCash app and transfer the money to the number.

how to add money in binance using gcash
how to add money in binance using gcash

Transfer proof:

Take a screenshot as transfer proof. Tap the Chat icon and inform the seller that you have transferred the amount. After sending the proof, tap on Transferred NEXT because the system should have the information in the database.

Receive the money in the Binance wallet:

As you press the transferred and next icon, it’s up to the seller if he wants to release the finds; usually, it takes 15 minutes. You will get SMS notifications when the fund’s transferred, showing that cash-in is successfully added to the Binance wallet.

Transfer from P2P to Spot wallet:

The above step should be the last. Still, if you want to buy cryptocurrencies with the transfer money, you need to send it to Spot Wallet further because the funds in spot wallet are used to buy Bitcoin.

From P2P, tap on Transfer. It will show the pop-up, then tap on Transfer. Choose USDT from the list that shows before the payment. Determine if you want to transfer all, so click on Max. If you are sure, tap on Transfer, and it’s complete. Now you can use the amount to purchase Cryptocurrency.

how to add money in binance using gcash
how to add money in binance using gcash
how to add money in binance using gcash

how to add GCash in Binance app?

Those who are confused and don’t know how to add GCash in binance app follow these steps:

  • Sign in Binance mobile app.
  • Find the Trade icon and then P2P.
  • Click on the “…” icon on the top right of the screen and choose payment settings.
  • Tap on Add new payment mode and add/Select GCash.
  • Type the payment details and tap on Confirm.

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