How To Buy Steam Wallet Using GCash?

If you’re a passionate gamer looking to fuel your gaming library with new adventures, upgrades, and downloadable content on Steam, we have great news for you. With GCash, you can now easily purchase Steam Wallet codes and dive into a vast collection of games that will take your gaming experience to a whole new level. Get your GCash account ready as we walk you through the simple steps to buy Steam Wallet using GCash. It’s time to power up your gaming arsenal and embark on thrilling virtual quests like never before!

Steps to buy Steam Wallet using GCash

You are aware of what is a steam wallet and that you can top using GCash. Now let’s discuss How to buy Steam Wallet using GCash. Before you begin, you must have a desktop because you need to scan the QR code. Follow the steps, and you can easily top up the wallet.

Sign in to your steam account:

First, you need to sign in to your steam account. Visit the steam store before you begin the process of purchasing Steam wallet credit.

How to buy Steam Wallet using GCash

Add the amount to your steam Wallet:

Now you need to load the balance in the steam wallet. Select the “Add Funds to your Steam Wallet ” option. You can easily find it below the main page’s store and purchase history section.

How to buy Steam Wallet using GCash

Select the top-up amount:

Tap on “Add Funds” before selecting the number of steam wallet credits you want to buy. Know that the minimum amount for top-up is $200, while the maximum is $4000.

How to buy Steam Wallet using GCash

Select GCash as payment mode:

It’s time to select the payment mode; you must choose “GCash“. Once you select it, Tap on “Continue” to move to the next phase.

How to buy Steam Wallet using GCash

Confirm details:

Before continuing to pay, you must ensure that the amount you want to buy is correct. In this step, you can review the details. Once you are sure, then select “Continue to Smart2Pay“.

How to buy Steam Wallet using GCash

Scan QR code:

Now it’s time to scan the code on the checkout screen. Just open the GCash app on your mobile phone before you tap the “QR” icon at the bottom of the screen. The QR scanner will load, and you can quickly scan the QR code. You will get 15 minutes to complete the process.

How to buy Steam Wallet using GCash

Successful payment:

The last step is to select the “Pay” icon. And you have loaded the balance in your steam Wallet through GCash. That way, you can easily buy a steam wallet using GCash.

How to buy Steam Wallet using GCash

Other than GCash, you can also credit the Steam Wallet via voucher code from specific websites like Xquareshop. It would be the second-best option if you didn’t buy from GCash. The steps for this process are explained in the section below:

  • Open the browser and visit Xquareshop’s official website for voucher codes.
  • Select the steam wallet code you want to purchase.
  • Choose E-wallet and then GCash as the payment mode.
  • Enter your email in the required field. You will receive the Steam wallet code in this email.
  • Make sure the transaction details are. Once you are ok to open the GCash account, enter the verification code you get on email, MPIN and then proceed with payment.
  • As you are done, you will redirect to the Xquareshop home page. Check the wallet code you get on the given email address.
How to buy Steam Wallet using GCash


Q: What do you know about Steam Wallet working?

Ans: Steam Wallet codes are like a gift; you can store them on Steam to buy games, software, and many other items. You can buy the codes and gift cards in retail stores worldwide.

Q: Is there any expiry date on steam funds?

Ans: No, the steam funds do not expire because you must have noticed that even if the wallet is empty, it always has funds stored before. It happens because when you make a current transaction, the system draws the funds from the select payment mode.

Q: Where can you use the steam wallet?

Ans: Wallet funds are used to buy games or some games items that help to enhance performance.

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