How to Change Name in GCash account in 2024?

It is without a doubt that the GCash application is a wonderful app for all. The pandemic makes it even more crucial to send and receive money through it.

In some cases, however, trying to register or update personal information can result in problems with a person’s name for various reasons. These steps will help you change your name in the GCash app if you are one of them!

What we will cover

Step by Step Process to Change Your Name in GCash:

Your name or birthdate can only be changed when your civil status changes, if your name is spelled wrong, or if you have a legal change of name. It is also necessary for you to be a Fully Verified GCash user before you can proceed.

Here is the step by step process.

1. On the right bottom of the screen of the GCash app, click the “Profile” tab.

click on the profile icon

2. Then click your name above or the arrow next to it.

how to change your name step 2

3. The details of your account will now be displayed in this section. Click the “Edit My Profile” button that appears above. Basic users cannot change it until their accounts are fully verified, however.

Enter your new name

4. Once your name has been changed, you will receive an SMS with an authentication code.

5. If you wish to update your profile, you must wait a maximum of 72 hours after entering the code.


Is it possible to change my name without verification?

GCash does not allow you to change your name without verification.

Can I use different name in GCash?

No, you can’t use different name in GCash as you have to provide legal documents at the time of verification. You can only change your name on GCash because of a few reasons we mentioned above.

Can I use Nickname on GCash?

No, you can only use your original name that is written on your ID or other legal documents.

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