5 Easy Steps To Load Beep Card Using GCash

Ideal and easy access to fast metro services is not a bad deal, specifically for a regular customer. If you use Metro (MTR) and LTR (light rail transport), going from one place to another, then having a Beep card must. The best thing about the card is that you can load it via GCash. Now the question is, how to load Beep Card using GCash?

The smart card gets access to Metro Manila transport services. It makes paying for your fare in LTR or any P2P(point-to-point) buses all over the country with just a single tap.

This article will explain how to load Beep card using GCash. So, if you have a card and are confused about how to use it if you want to know how to do so, read the article to an end! You can also read another article about converting load to

One of the great benefit of GCash is that you can also pay Pldt Home Wifi using GCash.

Steps to load Beep card using GCash

If you want to know how to load Beep card using GCash, then you are at the right place. Below are the 5 easy steps that guide reloading the balance in the Beep card.

Step 1: Install the Beep app:

Install and load the beep card on your mobile phone. Tap on the register beep card if you don’t have one, or load the unregistered beep card.

How To Load Beep Card Using GCash

Step 2: Choose the payment:

Choose the payment you need to load, or you can select from the options and tap on the Continue button. Again, click on the “Continue” button.

How To Load Beep Card Using GCash
How To Load Beep Card Using GCash

Step 3: Login to the GCash app:

Login to the GCash account with a password or username. It can also be possible via GCash’ official site or by tapping on “not register yet”.

How To Load Beep Card Using GCash

Step 4: Confirm the details:

Confirm the detail and the amount you want to load. Click on OK or double-click on YES in the confirmation box that appears on the screen. If you are using Cebuana as a merchant, tap back to the merchant.

How To Load Beep Card Using GCash
How To Load Beep Card Using GCash

Step 5: Follow prompt:

Just follow the prompt that appears, the need for a beep card. When it is complete, wait for the notification that tells that the beep card is loaded successfully.

How To Load Beep Card Using GCash

How do you know the Beep card is loading?

If you don’t know whether your card is loading or not, see it on the top-left side of the screen. It says “Austin Pass” when the card is loading; you need to wait for the time being If you recently bought the card. You can also reload the beep prepaid card with your phone.

If you use an android phone with an NFC feature or iPhone 6 Plus, you can install the beep mobile app on the play store to initiate the feature. You need to register the card if you have the Coin. Ph, Open the app, select the balance from the dashboard, and then load the beep card!

Another method of loading the Beep Card via Coins.ph mobile app is:

  • Firstly, download the Coins. Ph on your phone.
  • If you have checked the Beep logo, then choose “Load card” from the list that appears on the screen.
  • Enter the payment you want to load.
  • To complete the process, I just went to slide.
  • Now attach the beep card with your phone number.
  • Wait until the confirmation message tells that the load is successful.


 Q: Is there a limit on beep load?

Ans: The beep load will never be invalid for about one year when the beep card does. That’s why there is no need to be a corner for long because you can continue using the beep card.

Q: How to increase the validation of the beep card?

Ans: Even if the Beep Card expires, you can extend the validation by checking it at the Beep teller, which must be in a train station. To use the facility for transactions with a standard beep card, you must have a P10 balance on the card.

Q: Can we check the balance of the beep card using GCash?

Ans: as there is no facility on GCash that allows you to check the beep card, you can’t use it to see the balance of the beep card. You can only check the valance via the beep app, which allows you to reload through GCash.

Q: How many cards are allowed to add to the Beep app?

Ans: Beep app allows you to register the five-beep card and check the balance and almost ten recent transactions.


GCash and many other mobile apps allow customers to pay their bills online. Beep card is one facility that provides the feature to load the card through the GCash app and enjoy transport. I hope you understand all the steps of how to load beep card using GCash. If you have any queries, you can ask in the comment section. To know more about GCash, you can visit https://techno2.net/

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