How To Pay Angeles Electric Bills Using GCash In 2023

Are you tired of waiting in long lines just to pay your Angeles Electric Corporation (AEC) bills? Say goodbye to the hassle and switch to GCash! With GCash, you can pay bills of different types such as Electric, water, internet, Billease, Angkas & TV cables in just a few taps on your mobile device. No more wasting time and energy waiting in line at payment centers, as GCash offers a fast and convenient solution to settle your electric bills.

In this article, we’ll guide you through the simple steps to pay your Angeles Electric bills using GCash, so you can experience a hassle-free way of settling your bills and focus on more important things.


What we will cover

to pay Angeles electric bills using GCash:

Download and Install the GCash app:

Download the GCash app via the Google play store or app store. Install the app on your phone along with a proper internet connection.

GCash account:

Open the GCash app and create an account. There is no fee for registration. The app will give you a helpful guide on how to create an account. Just ensure the proper internet connection during the process. Before any payment, make sure to have a sufficient balance in your GCash wallet.

Open the Gcash app and make sure you have enough balance to pay

If you already have an account and also GCash wallet contains enough amount, then enter the GCash mobile no, enter the code provided to you via Text message and enter the Pin code.

Click “Pay Bills”:

After successful Login, you’re on the home page. On the main screen, you’ll see different options. Under the “Available balance”, click on the “icon, and you will move to the Pay bill page in your GCash app.

Click pay bills

Select The Biller Category:

On the Pay bill, you will see 15 different Biller categories. Choose the “Electric utilities” option via clicking on it.

Click Electric utilities

Choose Angeles electric bills.

On the “Electric utilities” page, you’ll get the GCash-associated electric utility companies/corporations list for bill payment. Scroll down and look for the name, or you can search the name through the search bar. Once you find Angeles electric bills, click on it.

Choose angeles electric

Fill in the necessary information:

Provide all the necessary information such as ECPAY/ATM REF#, Enter the due date in mm/dd/yyyy format, and Type the bill amount. Enter the email address. Also, you can put it on the receipt and click on next.

Enter account number, account name, email

Click “Confirm”:

Recheck all the detail and tap on confirm. The notice will appear on the screen that tells you that the bill will post the next business day.

Payment Done:

You will get the message on the given mobile number. Payment successful. Also, save the receipt on your phone.

payment done

Apart from GCash, you can also pay Angeles’s electric bills via the bank’s official sites.


  1. Log in to the bank’s official website through the access attributes such as User ID and passwords.
  2. On transactions > bill payment menu icons. Select “pay bills” and follow the steps:
  • Pay to enrol biller(yes/no). If yes, select the enrol biller you want to pay on the list. If no, tap on the look-up icon that will show the biller list and look for the biller.
  • Under the biller’s name, type AES and choose “utilities” in the biller category.
  • Enter the payable amount.
  • Pay from the given enrol AC no, from where the payment will deduct.
  • Select the schedule of payment: pay now, recurring, schedules.
  • Enter extra detail.
  1. Tap on continue. It will show the transaction detail.
  2. Enter the user ID 
  3. Type the password.
  4. Press on submit button to continue with the transaction.


Q: How can I determine the electric bill in Angeles?

Ans: The process to check the electric bills are:

  • Go to the official site of the electric corporation.
  • Log in with your credentials.
  • Look for the “view bills” icon and click.
  • Type the CIN and needed details.
  • Enter Captcha and tap on the “proceed or submit” button.

Q: How to pay Angeles electric bill in Lazada?

Ans: the process to pay AEC bill in Lazada are:

  • Go on load, eCoupons icon.
  • Press Pay bill.
  • Select the bill category such as electric utility.
  • Choose the provider as AEC.
  • Provide the needed details.

Q: what is the best method to determine the electricity bill in Angeles?

Ans: Paytm make it easy and quick to check the bill amount. However, you can also check the bill online from the official site of electric provider SBPDCL AEC, UPPCL TNEB etc.

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