How To Pay APEC Electric Bill Using GCash?

Electronic services are a fast-growing need of the people. No one wants to go out just for bill payments in a world where everyone is busy. Bill’s payment is now at the tip of fingers via GCash and credit.

GCash is the most extensive e-wallet service in the Philippines. The app is running approx. P300 billion through monthly transactions as more people move toward cashless payment options. The electronic service offers financial authorized access to Filipinos to all underfunded sections. 

GCash allows paying the bill as an electric utility, the water utility and much more. This topic will discuss how to pay APEC Electric Bills using GCash.

Step by Step Guide to pay APEC electric bills using GCash:

Log In GCash:

Log in GCash app via credentials such as User ID and Password will move you to the home page that shows multiple icons. Your e-wallets amount, icons for paying bills, credit card, transfer funds etc.

How To Pay APEC Electric Bill Using GCash-9 Quick Steps

Confirm e-wallet amount:

You must have an amount in your GCash wallet to make a payment. Recheck it to know if you can make payment with the amount. If not, recharge your e-wallet first before proceeding to the next step.

Click “Pay Bills”:

On the home page, multiple options exist; look for “Pay Bills”. When you find the icon, click it; it will send you to another page.

How To Pay APEC Electric Bill Using GCash-9 Quick Steps

Tap “Electric utility”:

On the pay bill page, you will see different icons. They represent the type of bills you Want to pay: electric, water, ShopeePay, etc. Click on the “electric utility” icon. After this, you will move to the Electric utility page.

How To Pay APEC Electric Bill Using GCash-9 Quick Steps

Click on “APEC”:

From the list that appears on your screen when you click on “electric utility”, look for the APEC option. You can also find it through the search bar that appears on the screen. However, .as you find it, then click on the icon.

Fill necessary details:

APEC electric bill payment requires the necessary information. Provide all the details such as the Account number, year of payment, date for payment, and payable amount (don’t write in decimal).

How To Pay APEC Electric Bill Using GCash-9 Quick Steps

Click “NEXT”:

As you fill in all details, click” NEXT” to proceed with the payment. If any information is incomplete, the error will display that asks you to fill all the fields.

Tap “Confirm”:

After all the details, just for safety, recheck all the details. If you are sure the information is correct, tap on the “Confirm” button.

Payment done:

After applying, you will be notified on your given mobile number that your payment is successful. On the GCash, you must wait as it takes time to process. You can also take a screenshot of the confirmation message.


GCash also provides the option to add a biller. So, you don’t need to fill in the details whenever you want to pay bills. To add biller, the steps are:

  •    Tap on add favourite biller.
  •  You can add details or use the last receipt for details.
  •  Add the biller’s name.
  •  Click on “submit/confirm”.

For payment via GCash, first, make an account on it because you can’t make any payment as a guest.


 Q: How can I pay APEC bill via PayMaya?

Ans: Apart from GCash PayMaya also accept bill payment for APEC. The steps for bill payment are:

  •  Open the PayMaya app and click “pay bills.”
  •   Select the category and biller.
  •  Fill in the details and enter the payable amount.
  •  Confirm the details and save the biller for ease on your next bill.

Q: How can someone apply for a new account on APEC?

Ans: For a new account application, follow the steps:

  •  Watch the orientation seminar for membership.
  •   Download the form for a new account.
  •   Provide the details.

Q: Where to find invoice number in Apec Bill?

The invoice number on an APEC bill is typically located near the top of the bill, in the header or billing section.

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