How To Pay Bayad Centre Using GCash?

GCash, the popular e-wallet app in the country, establishes a partnership with bill payment organization CIS Bayad Center, Inc. and Multisys Technologies Corporation to enhance online bill payments through GCash.

CIS Bayada Center is the country settler as an outsource payments. Nowadays, they are flourishing by offering bill payment solutions to partners and providing reliable and easy bill payment services.

In this article, we’ll explain the steps on How to pay Bayad Center using GCash?

What we will cover

Steps to pay Bayad Center using GCash:

Follow the below steps for complete process.

Open GCash app:

Firstly, you need to open your GCash account. If you don’t have an account, then first register yourself and make an account.

how to pay bayad center usin gcash

GCash wallet:

After login, you will move to the homepage, where you can see the amount in your E-wallet. Check that you have sufficient income in your account for the transaction.

Click On “Bank Transfer”:

On the homepage, you will see different services of the GCash app. Find the “Bank Transfer “icon and then click on it.

how to pay bayad center usin gcash

Click On “Bayad”:

Within the bank transfer category, the app gives you the list of its all-associated partners. Scroll down and find Bayad. Once you find “Bayad”, it then clicks on it.

how to pay bayad center usin gcash

Enter the amount:

The Bayad ask you to enter the amount you want to pay and other necessary information. The amount should be in Php. Apart from the amount, add the Account name (Max of 30 characters), the account number (11 digits), and send the receipt to (Email address). Once you fill in all the essential details, click on the “send money” button.

how to pay bayad center usin gcash

Open Bayad app:

Now log in to your Bayad app using your user Id and password credentials. You will receive the verification code on your mobile number or email. Type the code on the screen. It is for verification purposes. You can also set your fingerprint lock to enhance security.

Confirm “Bayad wallet”:

Check the amount in the Bayad e-wallet to see whether you get the Money in your account or not. If the amount is not posted, then contact the helpline. 


Q: How Bayad Centers work?

Ans: In the Philippines, Bayad Center is the leader and works as the Outsource payment collection organization. The centre is continuously trying to discover a solution for its partners and easy to use bill payment option for citizens.

Q: Is GCash is Bayad Center?

Ans: GCash is the partner of MultiSys, Bayad centre, to modify the bill payments. With the help of GCash, the major software company MultiSys technology integrates with Bayad centre for payment services.

Q: Is 711 a Bayad Center?

Ans: they can follow the process and provide service to their clients. Nowadays, you can pay a bill to any 711 Bayad centre nationwide.

Q: What is the processing time for Bayad Center?

Ans: The payment Will be posted after two days of the transaction in your third-party provider as a Bayad Center account.

Q: What are the fee charges for Bayad Center?

Ans: The charges for deposits through Bayad Center are: Php 50-100. Php 101-50,000-2%

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