How To Pay Cashalo Using GCash?

Paying Cashalo using GCash offers a convenient and seamless payment option for users. With the integration of GCash, a popular mobile wallet in the Philippines, Cashalo customers can easily settle their loans and manage their finances with ease. This guide will walk you through the simple steps to pay Cashalo using GCash, ensuring a hassle-free and efficient transaction process.

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Steps to pay Cashalo using GCash

There are numerous methods to pay Cashalo loans, but the most reliable source is paying loans through GCash. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to pay Cashalo using GCash. 

Step1:Launch GCash app:

Login into your GCash account if you don’t have an account. Install the GCash app through your play store, create your account, and log in using MPIN. Before proceeding, make sure you have enough funds in your e-wallet to pay off the loan. 

Step 2: Pay Bills

The GCash dashboard will open by following the above step. Tap on “Pay Bills” from the GCash dashboard and follow the next step.

A Comprehensive Guide On How to pay Cashalo using GCash

Step 3: Loans

By clicking on Pay Bills, it will take you to the Biller Categories page. Select the “Loans” icon under the biller categories. To save your time, click on the “Add a Biller” option and save Cashalo there. 

A Comprehensive Guide On How to pay Cashalo using GCash

Step 4: Tap Cashalo 

Loan options will be shown on your screen. As we are paying a loan to Cashalo, use the search bar and search for Cashalo. Or scroll down to find Cashlo. Tap on “Cashalo.” To find it quicker next time, click on the heart icon. 

A Comprehensive Guide On How to pay Cashalo using GCash

Step 5: Enter Details

To proceed with your payments, you need to fill in all the required fields. 

 Loan ID: Loan ID is the unique number or ID that is assigned to you when you take a loan from Chasalo. Enter that ID in the given field.

Mobile Number: Your registered mobile number on which you created GCash account. 

Amount: Enter the amount of your installment. 

Email: To receive a receipt in your email, please enter your email address.  

After entering all the details, click on “Next”.

A Comprehensive Guide On How to pay Cashalo using GCash

Step 6: Confirm Details

By clicking on Next, it will take you to the confirmation page. Check all the fields and make sure you’ve entered the right information. After rechecking the details, click on “Confirm”.

Step 7: Payment successful

A confirmation message will popup on your screen. You will receive the confirmation message on your mobile number. GCash will also send you a confirmation receipt to your email address. Make sure you don’t delete that email, you may need the receipt later.  


Can I pay a loan using GCash?

Yes, you can pay your Cashalo loan using GCash. All you need is your loan ID number and the total installment. GCash and Cashalo partnership offers you the reliable source to avail the loan and to repay it on monthly installments. Make sure to repay your loan using GCash before the due date. 

Is Cashalo Legit?

Yes, Cashalo is one of the most trustworthy financial companies in the Philippines. Cashalo is registered by the SEC(Securities and Exchange Commission). 

What will happen if you don’t pay Cashlo?

Cashalo is providing the loan at a low interest rate, and you will be given a deadline to pay off your total loan. If you don’t pay your loan to Cashao, they will take strict action against you and you will get penalized for that.

What is the interest rate on a cash advance loan?

The interest rate on a Cahaslo loan starts at approximately 3.95%. 

How Can i pay loan using GCash?

Get yourself a verified GCash account. Login into your account. Click on Pay Bills. Select Loan. Select Cashalo or any financial company you want to pay. Enter your details. Confirm Details and proceed.

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