How To Pay Cignal Postpaid Using GCash?

The fast and quick method to reload the Cignal TV is via a mobile app such as GCash. PayMaya etc. Two methods are available to load Cignal Tv through GCash one is prepaid, and the other one is postpaid. Some People don’t know How to pay the Cignal Postpaid using GCash?

An electronic wallet is not just a secure but straightforward and easy mode that anyone can do from the mobile phones in their hands. They need to log in, and with a few clicks, the payment is successful. But before proceeding, make sure you have a sufficient amount in the e-wallet, as without it, the payment will never succeed.

Here is the topic where we will discuss how you pay Cignal postpaid using GCash. Some of the frequently asked questions are part of this post. Those who are interested to know should read it to the end!

To Pay Cignal Postpaid using GCash:

Log in GCASH app:

The first step of any payment is that you need to log in to your GCash account via using a credential or 4-digit MPIN number.

How to pay Cignal prepaid using GCash

Confirm the available balance:

After login in, you will reach the home page of the app. On the top, you will see the amount in your GCASH e-wallet. Confirm that you have enough balance for bill payment.

Click on the “Pay Bills” icon:

Now the next step is to pay bills. For this, look for the “Pay Bills” icon and then Click on it as it will lead to another page where you can perform another action.

How to pay Cignal prepaid using GCash

Tap on “Cable/Internet”:

After you click on pay bill, you will be in the biller category. Here you need to describe what kind of bill you want to pay. Just tap on the “Cable/Internet” icon.

How to pay Cignal prepaid using GCash

Click on “Cignal”:

From the drop list that appears on the screen, find Cignal. Click on the “Cignal” icon as you found.

Fill in details:

For Cignal, you need to provide details. The list of the requirements is:

  • Account number (17 digits).
  • Account name.
  • The amount you need to pay.
  • Email address (not compulsory).

Click “NEXT”:

However, when you provided the details and then clicked on the “next “icon, you went to the confirmation page.

Confirm the payment:

When you tap on Click, the app asks you to confirm that you want to pay the bill. Check the details and the amount, then click on the “confirm” icon.

Payment is successful:

The payment is successful. You will also get a notification on your mobile number. You can also confirm it through email. Save the Screenshot of the receipt you receive from the app. It helps in case the amount is not posted on your account.

The bill payment via the online platform is made within seconds; you don’t need to wait for hours. And within a few business days, it will proceed, and you can confirm it via appointment. It is great!


Q: Is Cignal postpaid for all subscribers?

Ans: Cignal Postpaid are the one that can use the service. They can use the online payment mode to pay their postpaid bills. The PLDT and RED channel need to take care of their subscriber.

Q: What kind of credit cards are accepted for postpaid service?

Ans: The credit cards accepted for online payment are Mastercard, Visa and JCB and Maya powers them.

Q: How do you know your Cignal account no?

Ans: You can find the Cignal account number via two modes:

  • Refer to the Cignal SOA 
  • Through Statement of Account.

Q: Does the postpaid just for one-time payment transactions?

Ans: you can use the one-time payment transaction and enter your credit card on the list of Auto debit payments.

Q: Do you need to sign -in through your account to proceed with the payment?

Ans: you can complete the payment via a one-time transaction. But it is highly recommended to sign in to the account. It helps you to view the postpaid account.

Q: How do you view the bill in the Cignal account?

Ans: When you log in to the Cignal account, look for the account icon and choose the history of the bill. It shows the Statement of accounts for the transaction that occurs in the past 6 months.


Cignal is the country’s biggest provider of cable TV. It uses satellites for the broadcasting of its channels. The TV offers different plans with benefits so every person can have entertainment. Due to its fame and increased subscriber, it allows online payment via mobile apps and online bank apps. GCash is also among them that pay both prepaid and postpaid Cignal bills.

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