How To Pay Codashop Using GCash?

Paying for your gaming needs on Codashop using GCash is a straightforward and efficient way to access in-game credits, skins, and more. In this guide, we will walk you through the simple steps to make payments on Codashop using GCash, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience for all your gaming purchases. Let’s get started on enhancing your gaming adventures!

Well, there are over 300+ methods of payment. But GCash is preferred by the citizens of the Philippines. They can make their payment through GCash, which is fast and easy. Let’s Get Started.

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Steps to pay codashop using GCash 

Here’s the comprehensive guide on how to pay codashop using GCash in 2022. Before you start the procedure, make sure you have enough amount in your GCash account. 

Step1: Launch Codashop App

Simply login into your Codashop account if you already have one. If not, go to the play store or Appstore download and install the Codashop app, sign in using your credentials and follow the next step mentioned below:

Step 2: Select Game

Look for your desired game app, the app for which you want to buy top-up currency. Suppose you’re looking for “Mobile Legends” Click on it.  

Step3: User ID

Every gamer has a unique user ID. Enter your game ID in the field. 

9 Comprehensive Steps On How to pay codashop using GCash 

Step4: Recharge

Now select the number of diamonds which you want to buy. With GCash, there’s a starting limit of 56 diamonds, which means you can’t buy less than 56 diamonds. 

9 Comprehensive Steps On How to pay codashop using GCash 

Step 5: Select Payment

As we’re learning how to pay codashop using GCash. So, you’ll select the Pay with GCah option. Total cost is also mentioned along with the options. 

9 Comprehensive Steps On How to pay codashop using GCash 

Step 6: Buy

Email is optional; enter your email if you want to receive the receipt for your purchase. 

Click on “Buy Now”.  

9 Comprehensive Steps On How to pay codashop using GCash 

Step 7: Confirm 

The order details box will pop up on your screen with these details.

Nickname: The name you’ve selected in-game.

ID: That will be your unique game ID.

Price:  Price will be according to the selected diamonds you’ve selected. 

Click on the “Confirm and go to Payment” button.

9 Comprehensive Steps On How to pay codashop using GCash 

Step 8: Click on Continue 

 The screen with the text “Tap and continue to proceed to GCash to complete your payment method”. Click on the “Continue” button.

How To Pay Codashop Using GCash 

Step 9: Login GCash

In order to login in GCash enter your registered mobile number and click on the “Next button. If you don’t have any GCash account, Click on Create an account, fill out the process and move ahead to the next step. 

How To Pay Codashop Using GCash 

Step 9: Payment Successfully

Following the previous step will take you to the “Thank You” page. It will show the message you’ve successfully done the payment. Click on the “Close” button to return to the merchant. 

You will receive a confirmation message on your registered mobile number in a few seconds. Or if you’ve entered the email, you will receive the confirmation email too. 

How To Pay Codashop Using GCash 


How do I top up ml or buy diamonds with cash using Codashop?

To buy diamonds with GCash. Enter your ID in codashop and select diamonds. Fill out all the required fields. Login into GCash, and that’s it. 

Can I pay with unverified GCash?

Yes, you can pay with the unverified account. If you’re using an unverified account, you will face many limitations while paying bills or buying loads.

Is Codashop Legit?

Yes, codashop is a legit third-party online store. You can buy credit top-ups for your games using the Codashop app or web or pay codashop via GCash. 

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