How To Pay PLDT Internet Using GCash in 2024?

With GCash, a widely-used mobile wallet in the Philippines, you can easily settle your PLDT bills without the need for physical payments or long queues. In this guide, I’ll walk you through the simple steps to pay your PLDT bills using GCash.

Steps to Pay PLDT Using GCash 

To pay your PLDT fibre invoice, you need a verified GCash account, your PLDT account number, and your telephone number. Here is the complete guide

1) Open GCash App:

You need a GCash app to pay your bill. Open your installed GCash app, or if it is not installed on your phone, then you can install it from your phone play store. 

2) Pay Bills GCash Service:

  •  After launching your GCash app, you can see the dashboard with several options.  Click on “Pay Bills” from the GCash menu to continue. It will take you to another page to select the biller option. 
  • Select “Telecoms” from the categories that appear on Pay Bills. Telecoms categories will appear. 
  • Search “PLDT” in the search bar, or you can find PLDT by scrolling down from Telecoms biller options. 

3) Enter Your Payment Details:

To proceed with your payment process, these details are required. 

  • Enter the 10-digit PLDT Account number written on your billing statement.
  • Write your Area Code and Telephone number in the required field.  
  • Select your service PLDT Home Fibre 
  • Enter the total amount of your bill and make sure your GCash account has enough amount to pay the bill. 
  • Add your active email to receive the confirmation for your transaction. 
  • Recheck all your fields and to proceed, Click on Next.

4) Payment Method:

 You can pay PLDT bills by using a GCash or GCash credit card. If you have a GCash credit card, click on GCredit, or if you don’t have any card, Click on GCash and select Next. 

5) Payment Confirmation

Recheck your payment details and Click on Confirm. After the payment process, you’ll receive an email from GCash or probably a text on your number. 

Other Online Payment Options for PLDT

If GCash isn’t your preferred method, you can explore alternative online payment options:

  • Credit Card: Pay your PLDT bill online through the Pay Express Online link or on the myPLDT Smart app.
  • BPI Online: Log in to your BPI account, navigate to “Payments/Load,” select “Pay Bills,” and choose PLDT from the list.
  • BDO Online: Log in to BDO Online Banking, click “Pay Bills and Reload,” select “Pay Bills,” and proceed with your enrolled PLDT account.
  • 7 Eleven: Pay PLDT bills in 7 Eleven through Cliqq kiosks. Enter your PLDT bill details, print the confirmation slip, and hand it to the cashier.
  • Paymaya: Log into your Paymaya account, go to “Bills,” select PLDT, enter your account details, and click “Pay.”

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