How to pay PRC using GCash in 2024?

The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) is a regulatory body in the Philippines responsible for overseeing various professional sectors. To streamline payment processes for professionals, GCash, a leading mobile payment platform, offers a convenient and secure way to settle licensing fees and other regulatory transactions with the PRC.

In this guide, we will explore the simple steps to pay the PRC using GCash, providing professionals with a seamless and efficient means of managing their regulatory obligations in just a few taps on their mobile devices.

What we will cover

Step-By-Step Guide to pay PRC using GCash

Follow the below steps for complete process.

GCash registration

For a start, you must have a verified GCash account. If not, then first look for the registration process.

GCash login:

Open the GCash app. Click on the registration icon, provide all the necessary details, and accept the agreement.

Cash-in GCash

Open GCash and Load the cash In GCash via 7/11.

  1. Click the cash-in button.
  2. Enter the total amount for cash-in.
  3. Tap on generate Barcode.
  4. Go to any 7/11 store along with Barcode. Continue with the payment with your Barcode.
  5. When the cash-in is complete, you will get the notification through SMS.

PRC Payment Using GCash:

Now let’s start with the payment process:

Registration and Sign IN:

Open the PRC LERIS official site and register if you are not registered yet. Click on Register.

Click on I Agree.

10 easy steps on How to pay PRC using GCash?

Enter all the necessary information and then click on Register

steps on How to pay PRC using GCash?

Now you have to sign in using your username / email and password

How to pay PRC using GCash?


Choose the transaction. There are two methods for a transaction that is

  1. For LET, select Examination and then continue.
pay PRC using GCash?
  1. Enter the Examination name. You can also select from the drop-down list.
  2. Select the Examination date.
  3. Choose the Examination location.
  4. Click on proceed icon, and fill in educational details. Ensure to enter all necessary information for an Exam.
  1. For LET passed, select registration and select professional coach. Enter the NOA number and click on proceed.
How to pay PRC using GCash?

Select location:

Choose any Near PRC regional office. Select the location for the interview and click on continue.

how to pay prc using gcash
how to pay prc using gcash

Payment mode:

For payment, there are three possible options for Online payment. For this 

1, Under the LANDBANK icon, select BancNet for GCash.For LANDBANK, ensure the registered account.

.2.Second method is PRC Cashier.

how to pay prc using gcash

3. The latest method includes on Dec.27 2018, at UCPB (United Coconut Planters Bank).

As you choose the payment mode, a pop-up display on the screen presses submit. Select GCash for payment and click on submit.

Terms and conditions:

Tick the box that shows you are willing to accept the terms and conditions and, type the GCash number (registered number on GCash account), press on submit button.

Successful payment

Wait for the notification in the form of a message. The last step is either paid or pending. As you get the SMS, enter the 4-digit GCash MPIN within 5 minutes for the successful process.


The print icon will be on your screen when the payment is successful. Just print and go on the scheduled date for the PRC examination.


Q: Where Shall We Pay The PRC Fee?

Ans: There are multiple options to pay for the PRC examination fee, such as:

  • PRC-CASHIER on the counter.
  • LANDBANK for online transactions.
  • UCPB (over-the-counter)
  • Credit card payment.
  • PayMaya.

Q: How Does Someone Get PRC Receipt?

Ans: the PRC official receipt is issued by the commission when the candidate submits the remittance or the cash deposit slip as proof. The NOA (Notice of admission) and its official receipt are given to the applicants at the registration time.

Q: Can We Pay PRC Via BPI?

Ans: yes, you can pay through online banking via BDO, BPI expresses Metrobank Direct, Union Bank EON or internet banking, RCBC access one, and UCBP connect.

Q: Can We Reschedule PRC After Payment?

Ans: If someone wants to reschedule the PRC exam after payment, then follow the instructions:

  • Tap on reschedule icon.
  • Select the appointment date.
  • State the reason.
  • Tap on confirm button. The transaction detail appears on the screen.
  • Tap on submit to save the transactions.
  • Select the payment mode and then submit.

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