How To Pay Spotify Premium Using GCash

Day by day, music is becoming the addiction of youth. Folks love to listen to and enjoy music while doing work or assignments. Music has become the only source of enjoyment in their busy life. 

Everyone has a selection of music, and some prefer to design their playlist. Downloading MP3 music for your playlist requires more space in devices takes time, and it’s tiring too. 

I have a fantastic music hack; you can enjoy music without downloading it. To enjoy music smoothly without interruption, download the Spotify application on your devices. But to enjoy more benefits, you need to pay for its premium version. 

Luckily GCash is facilitating their users with their extra features. You can pay your bills, buy loads, do shopping from Alibaba by using GCash. In this article, I will teach you how to pay Spotify premium using GCash.

How To Pay Spotify Premium Using GCash

Launch App:

 Download the Spotify application on your android or iPhone devices. If you already have the Spotify application on your cell phone, open it. To proceed with the Payment, Click on the Premium tab. 

how to pay Spotify premium using GCash

Select Plan:

Spotify provides its users with multiple plans. You can select the plan according to your requirements. Here are some plans offered by Spotify.

  1.  Premium Individual: If you want a premium subscription, you can purchase its premium service at P129 monthly
  2. Premium Prepaid: You can enjoy High-quality audio music by paying P15 daily. 
  3. Premium Family: Does your family members are music lovers too? If Yes, it is the best plan for your family. The family plan is for the 6 persons of the family, but it can only be valid if you all 6 lives at the exact location. This plan costs P194 per month.
  4. Premium Duo: This plan is best for couples, friends, or siblings who love to listen to songs and share their Spotify accounts. Again, this offer can be valid for people who live at the same address. 
how to pay Spotify premium using GCash

Select Payment Option:

There, you can see the list of multiple payment gateway options. As we proceed with our Spotify payments with GCash, you must select Pay with GCash. “Tap on GCash.”

how to pay Spotify premium using GCash

Enter Details: 

Tap on  Start My Spotify Premium. Enter the following details:

  1. Phone number: You must enter your registered phone number and click Next
  2. Code: You will receive an authentication code on your number. Enter that Code and Click on Next.
  3. MPIN: MPIN is the passcode you choose while creating your GCash account. Enter that MPIN and Tap Next. 
  4. Authorize: In this step, GCash will show you an authorization message to charge you Spotify. Click on the check box and Click on Authorize
how to pay Spotify premium using GCash
how to pay Spotify premium using GCash


 You will receive a 6-Digit Code on your registered mobile number. Enter that number and tap on Next. 

Then you will receive a confirmation message to inform you that the Spotify payment process is completed. 

how to pay Spotify premium using GCash

If you want to cancel your subscription, do it before Spotify charges you for the next month’s subscription charges. 


1. Can we pay Spotify Premium with GCash?

Yes, you can pay Spotify premium with GCash. Go to the Spotify app and Tap on the premium tab. Select your plan, and in the payment option, select the GCash, 

2. Where is the payment method on Spotify?

Open your Spotify application. Click on the Account Overview and scroll down; there, you will see the Your Plan option; click on it. It will take you to the Current Payment option, and under it, you will find out Payment.

3. How much is Spotify Premium in the Philippines?

P194 per month and P15 per day.

Spotify premium costs depend on the package you select. Spotify offers different packages with different ranges. So you can select according to your choice. 

4. Can I use GCash MasterCard for Spotify?

Yes, you can use your GCash Master Card for Spotify payment as Spotify offers multiple payment gateways so that you can select any.

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