How to Transfer Money from GCash to PayPal in 2024?

Transferring money from GCash to PayPal is a convenient and secure way to move funds between the two payment platforms. It’s easy to set up, and with just a few clicks you can start transferring money quickly and securely.

You cannot directly transfer funds from GCash to PayPal, but

It is still possible with the following methods. With this guide, we’ll show you multiple ways to load and top up your PayPal account using GCash. So, let’s get started!

What are the Requirements?

You should have

  • A verified GCash Account
  • GCash Mastercard
  • Two PayPal Accounts (Primary and Secondary)

There are two ways. The first method involves using PayPal’s “Send” feature, while the second involves sending an invoice. In both cases, you must have a GCash Mastercard. Here is a detailed explanation of these two methods.

GCash to PayPal Money Transfer: Step by Step Guide

There are two methods. Here is the detail of each method.

Method 1: By Using the “Send” Feature

The method uses the primary account that sends money to a secondary PayPal account. But the income source is the GCash Mastercard. You then send the money back to the primary PayPal account through your secondary PayPal account.

Follow the steps for funds transfer.

How to transfer money from GCash to paypal step 1
  • Enter the email address that connects with your secondary PayPal account.
Input-the-email-address-connected-to-your-Secondary-Paypal-Account-1024x453 (1)
  • Enter the amount you want to transfer to a secondary PayPal account and tap on “Continue“.
enter-the-amount-you-want-to-transfer (1)
  • Choose the “sending to a friend” option.
Select-Sending-to-a-friend (1)
  • Change the source of funds to GCash Mastercard.
Changing-funding-source-to-G-Xchange-Bank (1)
  • Tap on “Change” in the sending part and choose GCash Mastercard. Especially the G-Xchange Bank, as it’s the company that handles GCash.
  • Review the details for confirmation and tap on “Send Payments Now”.

By now, the funds should have been deposited into your Secondary PayPal account. The next step is to transfer the funds back to the primary PayPal account from the secondary account.

  • Access your secondary PayPal account by logging in
  • Click “Send” on the Dashboard of the Secondary PayPal Account
Click-Send-using-your-Secondary-Paypal-Account (1)
  • Enter the primary account detail
  • Enter the Amount To Be Sent to the Primary PayPal Account
Secondary-Paypal-Account-Send-and-Request-Tab-1024x609 (1)

It’s done; you have sent the GCash amount to the secondary PayPal with the help of the primary account.

Method 2: By Sending an Invoice

The process is used when you send the funds from a secondary PayPal account to a primary one. Follow the below steps:

  • Choose “Create an invoice”.
  • Bill the invoice to your Secondary PayPal and complete the invoice details.

On the upper right-hand side of the screen, click Send once you have completed the invoice details.

There should be an invoice in the “Invoices” tab for the second PayPal account.

Secondary-Paypal-Accounts-Invoicing-tab-1024x353 (1)
  • Log out of your primary PayPal account.
  • Log in to your secondary PayPal account.
Secondary-Paypal-Account-Dashboard-1024x393 (1)
  • Find the “Invoice received” notification in the “Recent activity” option and tap on it.
Click-the-received-invoice-amount-1024x393 (1)
  • Pay the invoice with the using GCash Mastercard.

You must have linked your GCash Mastercard with your PayPal account before you can pay the Invoice with it

  • Right on the screen, click the blue button to proceed with payment.
Changing-funding-source-to-G-Xchange-Bank (1) (1) (1)

After tapping on the blue icon, a new tab opens in the browser. Choose GCash Mastercard or G-Xchange Bank for Payment. Once the invoice is paid, the amount will transfer from the GCash Master card to the primary PayPal account.


Q. Why GCash Cannot cash in PayPal?

Ans: Several reasons may have resulted in PayPal placing limitations on your account, including unauthorized use, account limits, higher-risk activities, or inactive accounts. In order to fix this issue, check your PayPal account for restrictions or needed verification, then relink to GCash.

Q. How much is the total fee?

PayPal charges a 3.4% card fee plus a fixed PHP 151 fee when you transfer money from your primary PayPal account to your secondary PayPal account using your GCash Mastercard (Method 1).

Generally, sending an invoice (Method 2) does not incur a fee. Once you use your GCash Mastercard, you will need to pay a fixed rate of PHP 15 plus the same 3.4% card fee.

Q: what to do if I have one PayPal account?

Ans: If you have one PayPal account, then you can ask your friend who PayPal is linked with GCash Mastercard. Send money via the GCash card via PayPal, then send it to your friend’s PayPal account and ask them to send the amount to your PayPal using the same technique.

Q: Can a GCash Amex virtual card be used rather than a GCash Mastercard to transfer to a PayPal account?

Ans: No, PayPal Only allows using the GCash Mastercard for Payment from one account to another.

Here is the complete guide to send money from Paypal to GCash.

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