How To Transfer Money From ShopeePay To GCash?

In the contemporary world, you can do everything with your smartphone. You can make calls anywhere, listen to music from every region, and find the exact location through maps. But the recent advancement is the electronic money transfer with the help of apps including GCash, ShopeePay etc. Here is the detail of how to transfer money from ShopeePay to GCash.

Due to GCash, the citizens of the Philippines are no longer unaware of E-wallets. It is the powerhouse for electronic transactions for Filipinos. It’s an app that you can download from google or apple store and make an account by registering yourself in the app.

Steps to transfer money from ShopeePay to GCash:

In May 2022, ShopeePay will allow you to send money directly to the respective bank or e-wallet, including GCash, PayMaya etc. The following are the steps for How To Transfer Money From ShopeePay To GCash:

Open Shopee:

Open the Shopee app on your mobile phone and look for the ShopeePay tab that will be present on the right side of the dashboard.

How To Transfer Money From Shopee Pay To GCash

Tap on “send money” and “To other E-wallet”:

To initiate the funds’ transfer:

  1. Go to the ShopeePay menu and click on the “send money” icon.
  2. Tap on “to another e-wallet”.
  3. Remember, you must have a sufficient balance in your wallet.
How To Transfer Money From Shopee Pay To GCash

Select GCash:

Another e-wallet will display the list of the wallets, and GCash is one of them. Select GCash and provide the detail of the recipient, such as the GCash account number in a number field and the account title. Once you are done then, click on the “Next” icon.

How To Transfer Money From Shopee Pay To GCash

Enter amount:

Enter the amount you wish to transfer. If you want to send your all e-wallet balance, it is also listed below; get the reference from it. Next, you need to tell the purpose of the transaction, but it’s optional; you can leave it empty. Then tap on the “Next” button to continue the process. Review the details and check if they are correctly entered. Once you are sure, click “Send Money Now”, and it’s done.

How To Transfer Money From Shopee Pay To GCash

Success Notification:

Wait until you get the confirmation. The screen will tell you that transfer is in progress. It will show “complete or success” in a couple of minutes or seconds when the transaction is successful.

That’s easy. Before that, you couldn’t send money direct to GCash you always needed a third party like a bank and then to GCash.

How To Transfer Money From Shopee Pay To GCash


Q: Can we use ShopeePay internationally?

Ans: Yes, you can make an account on ShopeePay internationally, but if you have the Philippines register mobile number. If you live outside the country, ensure you have an active phone number. The service provider will charge extra for roaming.

Q: How to send money to Philippines ShopeePay?

Ans: Follow the simple steps, and you will be done in no time:

  • Select the Philippines as the recipient country.
  • Select ShopeePay for your mobile wallet.
  • Provide the beneficiary details. It should be a ShopeePay mobile number.
  • Type the PIN code or authentication code for payment and finish the transaction.

Q: Is ShopeePay available only in the Philippines?

Ans: Yes, the ShopeePay service is only for Filipinos. To Transfer money from outside the country, you will need a third-party provider to do your work.

Q: Is ShopeePay safe to use?

Ans: ShopeePay is safe as BSP banks handle it. So, there is no worry if you have a balance in the wallet, as it will stay safe. If you meet with fraud, you can report it directly to BSP.

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