Smart Sim Online Registration Complete Guide

Registering a Smart SIM card is a straightforward process that allows users to activate their mobile connections, enjoy various services, and stay connected with loved ones and the digital world. Whether you’re a new customer or upgrading your existing plan, the registration process ensures the proper identification and authentication of your SIM card, enabling seamless access to voice, data, and messaging services.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the simple steps to register your Smart SIM card hassle-free.

Link for Smart Sim Card Online Registration

You can begin the registration process on December 27, 2022. To register, simply click on the provided link.


Step by Step Guide:

Follow the below steps.

  1. Go to the Smart Registration Link: Visit the website to start the registration process.
  2. Verify Your Number: Enter your mobile number and wait for a One Time Pin (OTP) to be sent to your phone.
  3. Confirm Your Identity: Fill out the form and upload a photo of your ID. Also, take a selfie for verification.
  4. Success Message: Once your number is successfully verified, you’ll receive a confirmation message.

Important Note: Remember to save your reference number. If you’re a foreign national, you may need to submit your passport and other special documents for registration.


July 25, 2023

What are the Benefits of Registration?

Registering your Smart SIM card offers several advantages that enhance your mobile experience and keep you connected with ease. Here are the key benefits:

1. Activation of Mobile Services:

Registering your Smart SIM card is the first step to activate your mobile services. It allows you to make calls, send messages, and use mobile data seamlessly.

2. Compliance with Regulations:

Many countries require SIM card registration as part of telecommunications regulations. By registering your Smart SIM, you comply with these legal requirements, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted service usage.

3. Lost or Stolen SIM Recovery:

If your registered Smart SIM card gets lost or stolen, you can report it to your service provider. They can then block the SIM and prevent unauthorized usage, safeguarding your account and personal information.

4. Seamless Roaming:

You can enjoy hassle-free roaming services when traveling abroad. It enables you to use your phone in foreign networks, making it easier to stay connected while traveling.

5. Access to Promotions and Offers:

Many network providers offer special promotions and discounts exclusively to registered SIM card users. You can also take advantage of these deals and enjoy cost-effective mobile services.

6. Enhanced Security:

SIM card registration enhances the security of mobile communication. It helps in verifying the user’s identity, reducing the risk of fraudulent activities associated with unregistered SIM cards.

7. Better Customer Support:

Registering your Smart SIM enables the service provider to identify and assist you more efficiently. If you have any issues or need support, the registration information helps customer support representatives provide personalized assistance.

8. Protection Against Misuse:

Registering your Smart SIM card minimizes the chances of it being misused for illegal activities. It fosters accountability and helps law enforcement authorities trace any unlawful use back to the registered user.

9. Access to Value-Added Services:

Many value-added services, such as data packages, international calling plans, and entertainment content, may require a registered SIM card for subscription. By registering your Smart SIM, you can enjoy a broader range of services.

10. Family and Group Plans:

If you’re part of a family or group plan, registering your Smart SIM ensures smooth administration of the shared account, making it easier to manage subscriptions and usage.


What happens if I am not able to register my SIM card within the given time?

If you don’t register your SIM card on time, it will stop working. Once it’s deactivated, you won’t be able to send texts, make calls, use the internet, or access other services provided by the mobile network.

What do I need to give to register my SIM card?

To register your SIM card, you have to give these details:

  1. Your Full Name
  2. Your Birthday
  3. Your Gender
  4. Your Address
  5. Your Mobile Number
  6. A Government ID with ID number
  7. A Government ID with your picture
  8. Evidence that all the provided information is accurate

For companies, they need to provide:

  1. SEC Certificate of Registration
  2. A Board Resolution appointing an authorized representative
  3. For other legal entities, a Special Power of Attorney.

What IDs can I use during the registration process?

Here are some official ID cards that you can use:

  • Driver’s License
  • Firearms License
  • IBP ID
  • NBI Clearance
  • Passport
  • Philippine National ID
  • Police Clearance
  • PRC ID
  • PWD Card
  • Senior Citizen’s Card
  • SSS/GSIS Card
  • TIN ID
  • UMID Card
  • Voter’s ID
  • Other valid government-issued IDs

How minors can register who are under 18 and do not have government ID?

If you’re under 18 years old, your SIM card needs to be registered under your parent’s or legal guardian’s name.

How long do SIM users have to register their SIM cards?

Before April 26, 2023, all mobile phone and prepaid broadband users must register their SIM cards with their service providers.

If you buy a new SIM card, how much time do you have to register it before it becomes invalid?

If you get a new prepaid SIM card before or after December 27, 2022, you should register it right away to start using it. You can only use the SIM card until the date mentioned on the package.

If you bought a prepaid SIM card before December 27, 2022, and haven’t used it yet, you can still register it before the date mentioned on the package expires. If you already have a load or promo on the SIM, you have 120 days from the promo’s end date to register. For prepaid WiFi, you have 180 days.

What is the process of Registration for Foreigners?

If you are a foreign tourist visiting the country, the SIM card you register will only work for 30 days. After that time, it will stop working automatically.

Requirements for Foreign Tourists:

  1. Passport (copy of the main page and pages with the current visa stamp or details).
  2. Proof of address in the Philippines (like a hotel booking or a letter from the place you’ll stay).
  3. Return ticket showing when you’ll leave the Philippines and go back to your home country or another destination.

Requirements for Foreign Nationals with Other Types of Visa:

  1. Passport (copy of the main page and pages with the visa stamp, showing passport number, name, and nationality).
  2. Proof of address in the Philippines (like a hotel booking or a letter from the place you’ll stay).
  3. Additional documents based on your situation:
  • Alien Certificate of Registration Identification Card (ACRI-Card) from the Bureau of Immigration or other official ID from a visa-issuing agency.
  • Alien Employment Permit from the Department of Labor and Employment or school registration and ID for students.
  • For Persons of Concern (POCs), a valid travel or admission document issued by the Philippine Department of Justice.

If I am in another country and using a prepaid SIM, do I still need to register it?

Yes, even if you are in another country or using your prepaid SIM while roaming, you still need to register it online through Smart sim online registration portal. This will prevent your SIM from being deactivated.

How can I register more than one SIM card?

If you have more than one SIM card, you can register all of them, but you need to register each SIM card separately under your name.

I registered my SIM, but it’s not working. What should I do?

You can contact them on facebook messenger via this link:

If my SIM card is deactivated because I didn’t register it, can I get my old number back when I buy a new SIM?

If you don’t re-register your SIM, you will lose your current phone number. That’s why it’s essential for prepaid SIM users to register between December 27, 2022, and April 26, 2023.

What should I do if I lose my phone or device with my registered SIM?

If you lose your phone with the registered SIM, contact Smart Sim customer service and give them your name, address, birthday, and mobile number. You can reach them through the official Facebook Messenger account for urgent issues or visit the nearest Globe store.

Your prepaid SIM will be disconnected, but don’t worry. They will give you a new SIM with the same mobile number.

Will I get in trouble if I don’t follow the SIM Registration Act?

Yes, there are punishments for people who don’t follow the SIM Registration Act.

If someone gives false information or fake ID, uses a registered SIM in a bad way, or sells a stolen SIM, they could go to jail for six months to two years and have to pay ₱300,000.

Telecommunication companies (telcos) can be fined ₱100,000 to ₱1 million if they refuse to register a SIM without a good reason. And if they break the rules about keeping data private, they may have to pay ₱500,000 to ₱4 million.

Is it free to register?

Yes, the registration process is completely free and you will not be charged a penny.

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