How to Contact SSS Hotline Number & Customer Service 2024?

Contacting the Social Security System (SSS) hotline customer service is a straightforward way to seek assistance with your social security concerns. Whether you have inquiries about your contributions, benefits, or any other SSS-related matter, their hotline provides a convenient and reliable channel to connect with their dedicated support team.

In this guide, we will explore the steps to call the SSS hotline and how to get the most out of your conversation with their customer service representatives.

Ways to Call SSS Hotline and Customer Service:

Here are the different methods you can use to connect with their customer representatives.

SSS Hotline Numbers

Starting from April 2022, you can contact the SSS Contact Center between 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM, Monday to Friday.

SSS Hotline 8-1455 (for landline), 02-1455 (for mobile)
SSS Call Center Numbers (632) 7917-777
SSS Toll-Free Number (632) 8920-6401

IVRS Hotline Numbers:

IVRS, short for Interactive Voice Response System, is an automated system that can help you with basic questions related to your Social Security System (SSS) account. It works like the telephone prompts you hear when calling your telecom provider. If you need to know specific details like your last contributions, the status of your benefit or loan application, or your loan balance, IVRS can be a good option. It’s like a computer-run system that provides quick answers to simple inquiries. However, if you have a more complex concern or need help with your benefit application, it’s better to contact the SSS Hotline directly for personalized assistance.

Metro Manila 917-7777
Baguio 446-5902
Tarlac 982-8739
San Pablo 562-9289
Naga 472-9795
Cebu 234-2053
Davao 234-2053
Zamboanga 992-2014

SSS International Toll-Free Numbers

SSS members living abroad can now conveniently reach the agency for their SSS-related concerns through international toll-free numbers. This means they can call without incurring any charges. However, the toll-free service is currently available only in select countries in Asia, the Middle East, and Europe. These supported countries are categorized into specific regions.

Asia SSS Toll Free Numbers

Hongkong, Singapore001-800-0025-5777
Malaysia, Taiwan00-800-0225-5777

Middle East SSS Phone Numbers

United Arab Emirates800-0630-0038
Saudi Arabia800-863-0022

Europe SSS Contact Numbers

United Kingdom

Text SSS – SSS SMS Inquiry

Contacting the Social Security System (SSS) for inquiries has become more convenient through the TextSSS service, allowing members to use their mobile phones for communication. This service is especially helpful for individuals without access to a landline. However, it’s essential to be aware that using TextSSS is not free, and there is a charge of Php2.50 per SMS sent.

How to Use TextSSS:

Registration Process:

  1. To initiate your SSS inquiry via SMS, send a text with “SSS” (without the quotes) to “2600.”
  2. After sending the initial text, you will receive a prompt to register your SSS Number with your mobile phone.
  3. Register following this format: SSS REG <SSS Number> <Date of Birth MM/DD/YYYY> (Example: SSS REG 0123456789 01/10/1980)
  4. Ensure that the registration details are sent correctly.

Inquiry Instructions:

Once registered, you can proceed with your specific SSS inquiry by sending the appropriate keyword related to your concern to “2600.” Here are some common inquiry examples:

  1. Text “SSS 1” for Contributions.
  2. Text “SSS Contributions” to 2600 for the same inquiry.
  3. Text “SSS 2” for Status of Benefits, and so on.

Important Points to Note:

  • Every SMS transaction costs Php2.50 from your existing pre-paid load.
  • Ensure you have sufficient load balance before initiating the inquiry.
  • Type the keywords precisely and accurately to avoid invalid transactions.

SSS Facebook Page:

The SSS Facebook page serves as a valuable platform for the Social Security System to engage with its members and provide important updates, announcements, and assistance. Through this page, SSS communicates with its community, addresses inquiries, and offers valuable resources to help individuals make informed decisions about their social security benefits and services.

Facebook Page Link:

SSS Email:

The SSS Email service allows members to communicate with the Social Security System electronically, providing a convenient way to send inquiries, documents, and receive important updates. By using the official SSS email address, individuals can seek assistance, clarify concerns, and access necessary information related to their social security benefits and contributions.

SSS Email Address [email protected]
SSS Email Address [email protected]
SSS PRN Related Concern [email protected]

When utilizing the SSS Email service, it is essential to provide complete and accurate information, including your SS Number, full name, and a valid ID attachment for identity verification. Be clear in stating your concern to facilitate a prompt response. However, it is important to note that due to the high volume of daily emails received, response times may vary. To ensure that your inquiry is attended to, consider following up on the same email thread after a reasonable period. This will help SSS prioritize and address your concerns effectively.

SSS-New-Contact-Info (1)

SSS Official Website

SSS Youtube Channel

SSS Twitter Account:

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