How To Convert Load To GCash: A Comprehensive Guide

If you find yourself with unused prepaid load and are wondering if it’s possible to convert it into cold, hard cash through GCash, this guide will provide insights into the available options. While the GCash app itself no longer supports direct conversion, alternative methods can still be explored. Let’s check them out.

Why Can’t I Convert Load to GCash on the App?

In the past, users could convert their regular load to GCash directly within the mobile app. However, this feature has since been discontinued, and current GCash users primarily rely on the app for various transactions.

Alternative Methods That No Longer Work

While there are outdated methods suggested in certain online videos, such as using Share Treats and CLiQQ at 7-Eleven, these have become impractical due to changes in policies and the high conversion fees involved.

Exploring Viable Options

1. Load2Cash App

  • The Load2Cash app offers a way to convert prepaid load to cash, supporting direct carrier billing from networks like Globe and Smart.
  • Transaction fees amount to 50%, and an additional 12% tax is levied by the telco network.
  • Cashout requests are processed on the 20th day of the following month.

2. Load to Cash App

  • Load to Cash is an Android app claiming to convert prepaid load to GCash, PayMaya,, and selected banks.
  • Fees, including telco and gateway charges, are computed and provided by the app.
  • Cashouts are initiated the next month after the conversion.
Load AmountTelco FeeGateway FeeLoad Balance NeededCash Received
  • Use the app at your own risk, as it is still in development, and reviews are not available.

3. Load-to-GCash Traders on Facebook

  • Join Facebook groups or search for pages offering load-to-GCash conversion services.
  • Exercise caution, verify reviews, and ask for proof of transactions to avoid scams.

4. Sell Your Prepaid Load for Cash

  • Offer your prepaid load at a discounted rate to someone willing to pay through GCash.
  • Persuade buyers by offering a lower price compared to direct GCash app purchases.

Transfer Load to GCash the Traditional Way

5. Transfer Load to Globe

  • To transfer load to a Globe mobile number, text the load amount to 2 + 10-digit number, replacing the “0” with “2” (e.g., 100 send to 29123456789).

6. Transfer Load to Smart

  • For Smart, text the 11-digit number<space>amount and send to 808 (e.g., 09123456789 50 send to 808).

Remember that while these methods offer alternatives, additional fees may apply, and users may not receive the exact cash equivalent of their prepaid load. Always exercise caution, especially when dealing with third-party services, and choose options that align with your preferences and risk tolerance.

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